Now email is now a requirement for most people for the purposes of keeping in contact with the daily latest happenings. There are many email service providers available and people all around the world use these services. New updates are made to these email services to boost its functions and improvement.

Using the same password for one or each accounts is dangerous because when the hackers get hold of even 1 password of your account it leaves the door open for the rest of the other accounts to be hacked. A safer way to maintain your account protected at all times would be to change your password monthly.

It isn’t rocket science to create hotmail account. There are about two to three domain name you may select from while developing a Hotmail account. The setup of this Hotmail account is totally free and easy with many handy attribute like storage area, sky drive accessibility, calendar, etc.. Microsoft have also provided for Help services to solve problems about Hotmail account. From setting from the accounts to its support system are all made available at no cost. Users can access the Hotmail Service from the official website and have a look at the self-explanatory modules that are available on its home page. Additionally, there are options to personally write an email, citing your problems and methods to remedy the problem. It is noteworthy that Hotmail Service page has listed a number of most common issues in their FAQ section.

It is also a must to install anti-virus software to guard your account from virus.These are a few precautions to be chosen in order to be safe and revel in the most from your Hotmail account.

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